System of Rice Intensification, Part 1: Food Sovereignty & Climate Change

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Welcome to Part 1 of the interactive lecture System of Rice Intensification by Tavseef Mairaj Shah. This part examines current unsustainable agricultural practices and goes on to explain the relationship between climate change and food sovereignty. These topics are covered:

  • Climate Change and Agriculture
  • Unsustainable Practices in Agriculture (plowing, mineral fertilisers, water overuse)
  • Agriculture as Livelihood (South Asia)
  • The Need for Resilience in Small Farms (systems approach)

Therefore, this lecture gives you an insight on agricultural practices, especially, in south Asia and the need for holistic approaches to tackle climate change. Consequently, the relevance of SRI in present times will be discussed.

At the end of all parts, you can test your knowledge in the lecture quiz.

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