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Take a RUVIVAL Quiz and test your knowledge of sustainable rural development. Our quizzes are divided into different topics that are all listed below. Once you click on a quiz, you will find more learning tools linked to this topic.


Interactive Lectures – Quizzes

Quiz Raw Earth Construction
Quiz System of Rice Intensification
Quiz Soil – Water & Food Security
Quiz Eco-Houses in different Climates
Quiz Waterborne Diseases and Prevention
Quiz Groundwater Dams in Arid and Semi-arid Areas

Toolbox – Quizzes

World Water Resources Toolbox
Quiz World Water Resources
World Water Resources Toolbox
Quiz Water Quality and Quantity
Rainwater Harvesting Toolbox
Quiz Rainwater Harvesting
Traditional Rainwater Harvesting Toolbox
Quiz Traditional Rainwater Harvesting
Land-based Rainwater Harvesting Toolbox
Quiz Land-based Rainwater Harvesting
Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Toolbox
Quiz Decentralised Wastewater Treatment
Terra Preta Sanitation Toolbox
Quiz Terra Preta Sanitation
Urine Utilisation Toolbox
Quiz Urine Utilisation
Sustainable Irrigation Toolbox
Quiz Sustainable Irrigation
Agricultural Practices Toolbox
Quiz Small Organic Farms Quiz
Agricultural Practices Toolbox
Quiz SRI Facts and Misconceptions
Agroforesty Toolbox
Quiz Agroforesty
Livestock Toolbox
Quiz Livestock
Livestock Toolbox
Quiz Animals in Permaculture
Terraces Toolbox
Quiz Terraces
World Soil Resources Toolbox
Quiz World Soil Resources
Soil Erosion Toolbox
Quiz Soil Erosion
Check Dams Toolbox
Quiz Check Dams
Sand Dams Toolbox
Quiz Sand Dams
Aquifer Recharge Toolbox
Quiz Aquifer Recharge
Biowaste Usage Toolbox
Quiz Biowaste Usage
Rural Energy Systems Toolbox
Quiz Rural Energy Systems