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The RUVIVAL Videos give you a short introduction into one of the topics of sustainable rural development. The stop motion technique is used for straightforward explanation of complex scientific themes. Read more about the creation and production of the videos here. Find all of our videos below. Once you click on a video, you will find more learning tools linked to this topic.


World Water Resources Toolbox
Video Worldwide Water Resources
Rainwater Harvesting Toolbox
Video Rainwater Harvesting
Traditional Rainwater Harvesting Toolbox
Video Traditional Rainwater Harvesting
Land-based Rainwater Harvesting Toolbox
Video Land-based Rainwater Harvesting
Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Toolbox
Video Integrated Decentralised Wastewater Treatment
Terra Preta Sanitation Toolbox
Video Terra Preta Sanitation
Urine Utilisation Toolbox
Video Urine Utilisation
Sustainable Irrigation Toolbox
Video Sustainable Irrigation
Agroforesty Toolbox
Video Agroforesty
Livestock Toolbox
Video The Environmental Impact of Livestock
Terraces Toolbox
Video Terraces
World Soil Resources Toolbox
Video World Soil Resources
Soil Erosion Toolbox
Video Soil Erosion
Check Dams Toolbox
Video Check Dams – An Erosion Control Practice
Aquifer Recharge Toolbox
Video Aquifer Recharge
Biowaste Usage Toolbox
Video Biowaste Usage for Soil Quality Protection
Rural Energy Systems Toolbox
Video Distributed Renewable Electricity Supply for Rural Areas