Pupils Create RUVIVAL Toolbox Elements

In an effort to open ourselves towards younger audiences, we teamed up with pupils from Goethe-Schule Harburg and Stadtteilschule Oldenfelde to create RUVIVAL Toolbox elements!

While creating practical knowledge resources on a RUVIVAL topic of their own choosing, the pupils had an opportunity to put both their practical and theoretical knowledge to use and experience a university setting. That’s what we call feeding two birds with one seed!

two birds create ruvival

pupils present their work

The pupils presented their work at the Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection and received valuable feedback from fellow researchers, which they are right now diligently integrating into the final versions of their Toolbox elements. You can have a look at two of the elements we co-created here and here.

To read this news in German, please click here. You can also read more about what our collaboration with pupils and schools is like (link in German).