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Rural Energy Systems Literature Review

Providing access to electricity in rural areas is a major challenge, especially in developing countries. Inefficient energy use and an unreliable energy supply with limited access not only has an adverse effect on economic productivity; more importantly, it also affects people’s quality of life and is having a strong impact on the environment at local (land degradation), regional (air, water and soil pollution) and global levels (climate change). This paper reviews distributed renewable energy systems and concentrates on energy services for electricity generation in Africa.

This is a working paper reflecting ongoing work. Comments and suggestions are welcome, please refer to our discussion forum RUVIVAL Community. An updated version of this paper will be published as part of RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 5.

Water Efficiency in Agricultural Irrigation Literature Review Creative Commons License Energy Access for Sustainable Rural Development: Literature Review on Distributed Renewable Energy for Rural Electrification in Africa by Tina Carmesin, Benedikt Buchspies and Ruth Schaldach is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Rural Energy Systems

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