RUVIVAL now in German and Urdu!

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Deutsch (German) اردو (Urdu)


!السلام عليكم

We are excited to announce: RUVIVAL is now also available in German and in Urdu!

We regularly publish new German e-learning content and we will start today with a lecture on Raw Earth Construction:

German Version: Lehmbau

English Version: Raw Earth Construction

We will start to publish material in our lecture section and keep up in 2020 with material in the toolbox.

In addition, these two Toolboxes are now available in Urdu: Traditional Rainwater Harvesting and Decentralised Wastewater Treatment.

Urdu Version: روایتی بارانی پانی سے کاشتکاری

English Version: Traditional Rainwater Harvesting

Urdu Version: گندے پانی کا غیر مرکزی علاج

English Version: Decentralised Wastewater Treatment

Each post with a German or Urdu version available will have this indicated at the top of your screen.

Ever since its beginning, RUVIVAL is on a mission to reach a wider audience and spread the word on sustainable rural development. Now this word is also available in German and Urdu. Therefore, we welcome the German and Urdu speaking community to our growing RUVIVAL network.



روایتی بارانی پانی سے کاشتکاری

گندے پانی کا غیر مرکزی علاج