RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 2 is out!

RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 2 is out now, featuring water related topics – aquifer recharge and rainwater harvesting!

Sufficient and quality water sources are an imperative for reviving degraded regions. However, all presented methods can and should be applied before a region is degraded as water conservation should go hand in hand with sustainable land usage. The methods introduced in this volume help to address these multiple objectives at once, such as improving source water quality, preventing land subsidence, combating soil erosion and flood hazards and achieving food security.

RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 2

Founder and editor in chief Ruth Schaldach about RUVIVAL Publication Series:

“We hope that via open access this publication series will reach a broad public and provide a deeper understanding of research fields important for a sustainable rural development and in areas in need of landscape restoration.”

Founder and editor in chief Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Otterpohl about his practical experiences with the topics of Volume 2:

“Single elements that are usually implemented can be efficient by themselves, but have proven to perform miracles if applied in combination. However, the challenge is to choose and apply all elements in a professional way, to adapt them to the given situation and to consider the system’s many interactions, too.”

Read RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 2 here. This volume is also available for free download via the library of Hamburg University of Technology.

Stay tuned for RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 3, which is coming out in January 2018! Meanwhile, you can also renew your knowledge on the topics of RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 1.