RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 6 is Out!

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Volume 6 of the RUVIVAL Publication Series is out! As this is the last volume, there is only one literature review this time. This literature review gives you an overview on sand storage dams and most recent research on the topic. A sand storage dam is a type of groundwater dam, a rainwater harvesting technique consisting of both an impermeable structure built across sandy riverbeds in seasonal streams and a crest raised above the riverbed. These have the potential to increase the water storage capacity and the yield potential of seasonal sandy rivers by trapping coarse sediments coming from the upstream catchment area in the dam. The optimal performance of a sand storage dam depends strongly on the proper selection of a suitable siting place, a tailor-made spillway design, which minimises the risk of siltation and appropriate construction procedures. While water in sand storage dams is of good quality, this can be affected during abstraction, transportation or storage.

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