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Sand Dams Design and Construction

Sand dams are implemented across and into seasonal sandy riverbeds in order to capture and store water beneath sand. In addition to this, groundwater recharge occurs upstream of the sand dam. The first requirement for implementing sand dams is the existence of a seasonal river with sufficient and accessible sandy sediment and bedrock in the river-bed. Find out more about sand dams design by clicking on the purple hotspots in the image below.

Help the RUVIVAL Team, if you have pictures of the sand dam construction process and want to share them with us and the world contact us and we will integrate them in this tool. Help to create change !

Sand Dam Design Creative Commons LicenseSand Dams Design by Lukas Schreiner and Berenice Lopez Mendez is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Sand Dams

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