Further Information about the Long Night of the Sciences

TUHH Campus Building Q
Find us at Hamburg University of Technology in Building Q!

Hamburg’s Long Night of the Sciences is just around the corner and, as promised last week, today we provide you with further information about the event.

We have joined forces with two other HOOU projects, Kniffelix and MikiE, and will expect you on campus of the Hamburg University of Technology in building Q (Am Irrgarten 3-9, 21073 Hamburg) on Saturday, 4th of November, already from 5 pm to 9 pm.

What can you expect from the Long Night of the Sciences? More importantly, what are these prizes we mentioned last week? Pay us a visit and test both your luck and knowledge in our HOOU wheel of fortune! By correctly answering questions related to either RUVIVAL, MikiE or Kniffelix you can win a prize! (Psst, small hint: have a look here and we guarantee you will be well prepared!)

Kniffelix, an experiment blog of children scientists (Kinderforscher) is set on a mission to find out how to get ketchup out of the tube, without flooding the plate – a question all fans of fast food would like an answer to!

With MikiE and their virtual laboratory you will have a chance to learn about the world of extremophiles, organisms which thrive in  extreme conditions, physical or geochemical. These conditions are detrimental to most life on Earth.

Here you can find the programme of all projects presented in Building Q.

You have also the chance to personally meet some of our interactive lecturers and authors working on topics linked to RUVIVAL:

18:45 h Room 1.15 Building A: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Otterpohl about: The New Town – A good life, local production and a secure future for cities and the rural (“Das Neue Dorf: Gut leben, lokal produzieren, Zukunft sichern für Stadt und Land” Link to Programme)

17:15 h Room 0.18 Building A: Jan Wibbing, Stefan Hügel and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Otterpohl about Slope Farming in Arba Minch, Ethiopia (“Slope Farming in Arba Minch, Äthiopien: Fluchtursachen bekämpfen” Link to Programme)

21:00 Room 0.19 Building A: Tavseef Mairaj Shah about current research about the combination of SRI (System of Rice Intensification) with other agricultural strategies (“Reis auf dem Trockenen – Kleinbauern können mehr!” Link to Programme)