Soil – Water & Food Security, Part 1: Soil Health – A Foundation for our Survival

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Welcome to Part 1 of the interactive lecture on Soil, Water and Food Security by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Otterpohl. This part introduces the general concepts related to soil health, which is a foundation for our survival. The following questions and more will be answered in this lecture:

  • What is soil?
  • What is healthy soil?
  • What is soil degradation?
  • What are the types of soil degradation?
  • How is the global soil quality distribution?
  • How does soil degradation affect our lives?
  • What are the interconnections between agro-chemical agriculture and soil quality?

Therefore, this lecture provides you with the most important background knowledge for understanding the lectures that follow.

At the end of all lecture parts, you can test your knowledge in the lecture quiz.

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