Soil – Water & Food Security

Soil Water and Food Security are highly interlinked. Good soil quality, healthy soil, is one of the most important foundations for food production. Shrinking soil resources, whilst increasing food demands arise, are one of the big challenges of the future we have to face and remediate.

This lecture consists of 4 parts. At the end of the lecture, you have a chance to test your knowledge in the lecture quiz.

Part 1

soil water and food security part 1

Part 2

soil water and food security part 2

Part 3

soil - water & food security part: 3

Part 4

Soil-Water and Food Security Part 4


Soil - Water & Food Security Quiz
In Part 1, you will be introduced to general concepts related to soil health, which is a foundation for our survival. This includes defining what healthy soil is and how soil quality is distributed worldwide. Additionally, soil degradation is explained and classified. Part 1 also discusses the interconnections between agro-chemical agriculture and soil quality. Part 2 will further illustrate the Humus ecosystem, more specifically, which animals belong to the soil food web and what the benefits of a healthy humus ecosystem are. Additionally, it will be explained how land use and rainwater correlate and how water can regulate the local climate. In Part 3, Regenerative agriculture practices will be discussed. The practices introduced here include organic agriculture, agroforestry, rainwater harvesting and keyline systems. Additional aspects of regenerative agriculture, such as the building of humus, the potential role of Mycorrhiza fungi, or avoidance of tillage practices are discussed, among other. Finally, Part 4 will explain what soil restoration looks like in practice. Several restoration projects will be presented, but also alternative sanitation practices, namely Terra Preta Sanitation, which enable production of a nutrient rich humus that can be applied to soil as a fertilizer. At the end of the lecture, you will have a chance to test your knowledge in the lecture quiz.

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