Sustainable Environmental Practice Cases: a World Map

The world map shows case studies on sustainable environmental practices. Specifically, these cases stand for different approaches in different climate zones. Click on the pins and you will get more information on cases in the area of Check Dams.

Soon we will publish more topics, such as Agroforestry, Rainwater Harvesting, Urine Utilisation and Aquifer Recharge, which will appear in differently coloured pins on the map.

Additionally, you can find more detailed information on each topic in our other Toolboxes.

Creative Commons LicenseSustainable Environmental Practices: a World Map by Katharina Dähn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The presented studies are only a small selection. Do you miss an important case study? Or do you want to add pictures or further material? Please, have a look at our Community and share your ideas with us! We are happy to work with you on an additional pin or just add your pictures.

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