Geological Background for MAR Systems

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If you want to design a managed aquifer recharge (MAR) system, an understanding of the geological background at your site is necessary.

Aquifers consist of different rock and sedimentary layers. The type and characteristics of these layers determine whether and how much water can infiltrate. A high porosity and permeability is helpful for aquifer recharge, but not all layers have the wanted properties. Moreover, the geological history varies from region to region, therefore it is helpful to include a local geologist into the planning process of a MAR.

The following slides provide you with a basic geological understanding on rock types and their important properties: porosity and permeability. A quiz is included to let you check on your gained knowledge.

Geological Background for MAR Systems by Marwin Krull and Birthe Kristina Hohm is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.