Making of RUVIVAL and Insights on Stop Motion Videos

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Making of RUVIVAL is a section on our webpage for peeking into the back office of RUVIVAL. Here you get to know how we produce Open Educational Resources (OERs) or the yearly game. Furthermore, we collaborate with the online magazine Insights of the TUHH. Therefore, you will sometimes find our insights published first in Insights.

Insights Magazine of the Technical University HamburgThis section will grow and it will be worth stopping by regularly as we will publish new content every two months. Together with the first article, we start by providing material for your own stop motion video production. Just follow this link and maybe get inspired to produce your own video. Here you can see our stop motion video collection:

Let us know if the content is useful for you and if you use the material for producing your own OERs, we will be very happy to get to know about it. You can send us a message using our contact form.