Making of RUVIVAL now in Urdu!

Many people are involved in developing RUVIVAL learning materials. This is both a challenging and rewarding process. On the one hand, it requires thorough planning and elaborate coordination, but on the other, unique perspectives, linkages and expertise emerge from this exchange. We strongly feel that this is a story that needs to be told alongside the sustainable rural development content you see on our website as the finished product. This is why we are excited to announce: Making of RUVIVAL is now also available in Urdu!

Urdu Version: روائول کی تیاری

English Version: Making of RUVIVAL

Here you can have a look at the various elements, about the technical and pedagogic aspects as well as about the experiences of those taking part, You can explore Making of RUVIVAL Simulation Game, Stop Motion Videos, Community Projects as well as a look into how the Toolbox Elements are made. We will keep adding more material to this section as we expand our work in 2020.

Ever since its beginning, RUVIVAL is on a mission to reach a wider audience and spread the word on sustainable rural development. Now this word is also available in Urdu. Therefore, we welcome the Urdu speaking community to our growing RUVIVAL network.