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RUVIVAL offers you, our community, a place to share knowledge, brainstorm ideas and network with others. Join our forum to share material with current and future experts all over the world.  See the results of our collaboration with

We offer a forum to you, our community, as a public place of knowledge exchange, collaborative thinking and networking. Experts can consult future experts, material can be shared and further developed and shared again.

RUVIVAL Community Forum

The forum is named after you: RUVIVAL Community! It is dedicated to all people who are interested in reviving the rural, who participated in our Simulation Game, our lectures at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), created e-learning contents for RUVIVAL or worked together with us. You, dear reader can join us – even if you are new here! Share your ideas, knowledge and experiences with us. You can connect to others online, create new e-learning material or ask for consultation of your project. This is your chance to take active part – and it matters to us. We can achieve more as a worldwide community! Let us revive the rural together and join us in the forum.

Categories of the Forum

The forum is divided into several parts, so-called categories. We will start the discussion in one category and will release further categories in the future.

Category Add Material RUVIVAL Community

The first category to discuss is called Add Material. Here you can contribute with your ideas or pictures to existing RUVIVAL material. We invite you to discuss and further develop the Rainwater Harvesting Toolbox with us. We collect your ideas, pictures and experience to extend the contents. You can be part of this interconnected and synergetic knowledge production.

Click here to open the category Add Material.

This category is called Writers Corner. It is all about literature as our current working papers are discussed there. You can add your comments and ideas as well as discuss with others online. Your contributions are taken into account before the final publication of a working paper in the RUVIVAL Publication Series.

Click here to open the category Writers Corner.

Category Translation

The Translation Category gathers information about the translation of RUVIVAL. Add your translations of RUVIVAL elements or discuss the technical and linguistic issues related to translation. Of course, you will be given due credit for your work and be listed as a contributor on our website.

Click here to open the category Translation.

We will also include a category where you can search as a project or community for expertise by posting your cases. Not all but some will be picked as case studies at Hamburg University of Technology in each winter semester or directly online discussed. More information on the project consultancy can be found here.

Get started in the Forum

Taking part is not complicated. Just click here to open the forum (will be opened in a new browser tab). There you can join us by creating your personal account. For this click on the upper right corner on sign up. Members of TUHH can sign up using their LDAP logins (Kerberos). If you have any trouble during the sign up process, do not hesitate to contact us. Once you set up your personal account you are able to reply to topics, upload images and like posts. By doing so you will earn badges. The more you actively engage, the more badges you receive. This will get you to a higher trust level and might allow to become a moderator of the forum. Find more information about how we envision the discussion in the FAQ of the forum.

More topics and categories will be published in the forum in the following weeks. Join our newsletter to receive an e-mail when new content is published or follow us on social media. Find more information about RUVIVAL in our project description or in making of RUVIVAL. You can find current project updates in the news section.