RUVIVAL Publication Series

RUVIVAL Publication Series is a part of the RUVIVAL Reading Section. It gathers literature reviews on pressing issues in the context of sustainable rural development. It is a result of collaboration between Master students, PhD students and researchers at the Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection (AWW) at Hamburg University of Technology. Before they are published in the Publication Series, the literature reviews undergo multiple revisions and first appear on the RUVIVAL website as working papers. At that step we are happy to receive comments by readers to futher improve these papers. RUVIVAL Publication Series, as all RUVIVAL publications, is available for download via the Open Access Repository of Hamburg University of Technology.

RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 1

RUVIVAL Volume 1

  • A Review of Agroforestry Practices with an Introduction to the Arba Minch Slope Farming Project
  • Living Terraces as Practices in Erosion Prevention and Rainwater Harvesting
  • A Review of Check Dams as an Erosion Control Practice with a Special Focus on the Loess Plateau, China


RUVIVAL Volume 2

  • Literature Review on Managed Aquifer Recharge in the Context of Water and Soil Restoration Methods
  • Literature Review on the Rainwater Harvesting Research Landscape, In-Situ and Domestic Design Examples and Best Practice Projects in China and Brazil
  • A Review of Land-Based Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Micro and Macro-Catchments

RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 3 cover

RUVIVAL Volume 3

  • Literature Review on the Utilisation of Urine as a Fertiliser in Agriculture
  • A Review of Terra Preta Sanitation with a Focus on the Research Outcomes of the Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection (AWW)
  • Literature Review on Water Efficiency in Agriculture: Sustainable Irrigation Methods

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