RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 4 is Out!

We are excited to announce that the new volume of the RUVIVAL Publication Series is out! This volume talks about the challenges faced by the lack of energy supply and wastewater treatment. Especially in rural areas of developing countries is the electrification and rural water supply challenging. However, sustainable decentralised technologies are available and reviewed in this Volume.

Finally, in this volume we tried a new peer review process and invited our audience to participate as editors. Volume 5 and 6 is still under review or production and you can also be part of our community by following this link. You get the opportunity to read and review our working papers and to contribute your knowledge.

Cover page RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 4

Founder and editor in chief Ruth Schaldach about RUVIVAL Publication Series:

“Beyond providing open access to research to a broader public and making it available for practitioners, we strive to directly include our readers in the process of developing our ma­terial.”

As all our publications, RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 4  is available for free download via the library of Hamburg University of Technology. The previous issues can be reached here:

RUVIVAL Volume 1

RUVIVAL Volume 2

RUVIVAL Volume 3