RUVIVAL Publication Series Volume 5 is Out!

The 5th Volume of the RUVIVAL Publication Series is out! This volume starts with an introduction on the global soil status, which in the past decades has continued to deteriorate. This is followed by two literature reviews. The first one focuses on soil erosion and explains the mechanisms that cause it, both natural and human-induced. Additionally, it presents soil conservation practices from around the world. Lastly, the third paper deals with traditional ecological knowledge regarding water management practices. It concentrates on rainwater harvesting methods and introduces two case studies from India.

As with Volume 4, the papers in Volume 5 have been reviewed by members of the RUVIVAL Community. We have now also started the reviewing process for the papers that will be included in Volume 6, which will be published in the first half of 2020. Join our community and comment on these papers here!

Cover page Publication Series Volume 5

Founder and editor in chief Ruth Schaldach about the RUVIVAL Publication Series:

“We hope to connect with the knowledge of a broad and diverse audience and provide a deeper understanding of research fields important for sustainable rural development and in areas in need of landscape restoration.”

All our publications are available to download for free via the library of Hamburg University of Technology. The previous issues can be accessed here:

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