This was the participation of RUVIVAL at the University:Future Festival!

Last week, the RUVIVAL team had the opportunity to present itself with its own booth at the digital showcase of the University:Future Festival. A video, mission statement and logo were presented, and on Wednesday additional questions could be asked and answered in Space , an interactive space simulation in which laptops fly through space and users are supposed to interact with each other. During several talks various appealing projects were presented, for example the page netlogo, which provides programmable model environments for the simulation of natural and social phenomena.

All in all, the festival was an exciting opportunity to expand the network and to inform interested people even this year!

Making of RUVIVAL


Sustainable rural development is an answer to a multitude of complex pressing issues that require global attention. The responses to these issues are equally complex and the best ones are those that draw synergistic connections and offer holistic solutions. In the making of RUVIVAL, these complexities are recognised and addressed, both when it comes to problems and solutions. That is why in developing RUVIVAL learning elements, different tools, materials and styles are used, for a comprehensive learning experience. Some elements have a more technical or practical nature, while others are more theoretical. Some are text based and others are image based.

Collaboration is key for developing RUVIVAL into the open access e-learning platform it is today. You can see all RUVIVAL collaborators in the Team list.

In the following, you will learn how all these different components come together when creating RUVIVAL. Click on the elements to learn more:

Further Making of material can be found in the Making of section of the RUVIVAL project on the webpage of the Hamburg Open Online University like a picture and references database.

RUVIVAL Book Series: Productive Ponds as Part of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in the Context of the Slope Farming Project Arba Minch, Ethiopia

First RUVIVAL Book

“RUVIVAL Book Series: Productive Ponds as Part of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in the Context of the Slope Farming Project Arba Minch, Ethiopia” by Stefan Hügel is the first book of the RUVIVAL Book Series.



The book is available for free download via the Open Access Repository of Hamburg University of Technology.

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